eternize your moment creating
a unique jewel of your baby
a unique jewel
all the love in the world
By combining the distinctive features
of your baby with the high tech qualities
of generative design, you get a modern
and elegant piece of jewelry.
The perfect token to celebrate
this phase of your life.

A dedicated software generates the jewel of your baby
based on the ultrasound image plus the heartbeat sound

Mater - the realization of every woman's dream
We will send you instructions
on how to order the jewel
in the form of your child.

"The Mater project is exciting and surprising, unconventional, and tackles motherhood from different dimensions. A unique jewel with an incredible emotional involvement. I don't take my Mater out of my neck ." Claudia de Almeida
"Little things are able to mark our lives as a heartbeat, or a lullaby" Beatriz Queiroz
"Every time I use Mater I remember the emotion of being pregnant. This jewel keeps forever this beautiful time of our lives" Fernanda Araújo

Your piece of jewelry is fabricated by a 3D printer and then cast
in gold or silver in sizes S 3CM or L 6CM

Founded by Vanessa Robert and Alice Bodanzky, Mater is a company specialized in the application of digital manufacturing processes to create unique jewelry based on emotional data. Its first product, developed in collaboration with Peter Curet, consists of a jewel that perpetuates the experience of motherhood.
With a BA in Industrial Design (ESDI - UERJ) and a passage through Central Saint Martins, in London, where she took a course in Experimental Jewelry Design, Vanessa received one of the most important international design awards, the Red Dot Design Awards for a ring named Upgrade.
Vanessa has also exhibited in international events, such as the Milan Design Week, and in the Annual International Sculpture Objects & Functional Art (Sofa), in New York. In her creative process, the designer seeks inspiration in architectural elements, everyday objects, complex drawings of nature, plus wherever the imagination leads her. She currently divides her time between the job and a new personal "project": little Miguel, who was the source of inspiration for Mater.
Interaction designer. Since 2005, Alice works at the intersection between art, science and technology, integrating parametric design and digital manufacturing in the development of products and environments. With a BA in Industrial Design (ESDI - UERJ) and another in Set Design (Uni-Rio), she concluded her master's degree in the Netherlands in Media Technology (Leiden University), with a research focus on computational materiality.
Alice worked in companies, such as YDreams (Rio de Janeiro), Mediamatic (Amsterdam), and ART + COM (Berlin), as well as research centers, including Hyperbody - TUDelft and Visgraf - IMPA. She also presented papers at international conferences, such as SIGGRAPH, CAE, CHI Sparks, and TEI, and was awarded the Most Creative Design prize at the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit for a project called Saudade.
Peter is a software developer based in the Netherlands. He develops and researches in fields combining creative coding, visualisations and interactive art. Peter has exhibited audio-visual works on generative design and computational geometry internationally, including at the Athens Video Art Festival (Greece) and at the Coventry Mysteries Festival (UK).
He studied computer science at the Delft University of Technology and holds a masters in Mediatechnology from Leiden University. After graduating, he worked at the startup Clinical Graphics, developing 3D medical visualisations. Currently he is a software developer at the digital design agency Edenspiekermann in Amsterdam.
Vanessa Robert and Alice Bodanzky
Peter Curet